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An Enigma machine simulator with state and encoding display.
+Currently support is only provided for those [machine models] in most widespread general use during the war years:
+the [I], [M3], and [M4].
This is adapted, as an exerecise in learning Haskell, from an earlier learning project written in Mathematica.
It is my first Haskell program.
+Note that the correct display of some characters used to represent components
+(thin Naval rotors) assumes support for Unicode, while some aspects of the display of machine state
+depend on support for combining Unicode. This is a [known limitation](
+that will be addressed in a future release.
Full [documentation] — for the latest [release version] — is available on Hackage.
For other Haskell Enigma machines see:
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[release version]:
[development version]:
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+[open issues]:
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