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authorMattMorrow <>2008-06-25 06:31:37 (GMT)
committerLuite Stegeman <>2008-06-25 06:31:37 (GMT)
commitaead656cf07d70da218556f229c54a99f83c0858 (patch)
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version 0.30.3
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diff --git a/regexqq.cabal b/regexqq.cabal
index 50f7731..4532716 100644
--- a/regexqq.cabal
+++ b/regexqq.cabal
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
name: regexqq
-version: 0.2
+version: 0.3
cabal-version: >= 1.2
build-type: Simple
license: BSD3
@@ -8,13 +8,14 @@ category: Text
author: Matt Morrow
copyright: Matt Morrow
maintainer: Matt Morrow <>
stability: unstable
synopsis: A quasiquoter for PCRE regexes.
description: A quasiquoter for Text.Regex.PCRE regexes.
This makes use of a new GHC extension known as QuasiQuotes.
QuasiQuotes do not appear in ghc until 6.9, BUT there is a
patch for ghc-6.8.3 which adds quasiquote functionality. A
- pathed version of ghc-6.8.3 is located at
+ patched version of ghc-6.8.3, made possible by audreyt's patch, is at
An example of the use of @regexqq@ is located at